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Job Order Contracting


WDG has been awarded the Region 3 Job Order Contracting (JOC) contractor for the State of Ohio. A fast-track delivery method, Job Order Contracting enables our clients to quickly and cost-efficiently get a wide variety of projects completed through a single multi-year, competitively bid contract that is awarded based on performance and price.  ezIQC® another means of providing traditional Job Order Contracting (JOC), ezIQC allows users in a cooperative buying group to take advantage of competitively bid prices to accomplish their on-call facility repair and renovation/alteration projects. 


WDG has already competitively bid for your work. Bypassing the conventional bidding process will save time and money, while still meeting all applicable Procurement Codes. By using WDG and the ezIQC service, we can be working on your project within days or weeks, instead of months, with all work being paid for at the local competitively bid prices. With this alternative procurement method, agencies benefit in several ways. The procurement process is shortened significantly, and costs remain competitive, but the greatest advantage is the “team” atmosphere that develops. JOC is especially effective when a general scope is known but isn’t completely defined. We can contract with an engineering or design firm to propose a turnkey solution, based on little more than a conversation with an Owner and a job site walk-through.


Small to mid-scale, rapid-response, multiple-assignment work is WDG’s specialty. We do it all, from repairs and remodeling, to alterations and upgrades, to site work and new construction.


The ezIQC/JOC process is fully approved in the many states as a means to select contractors for minor construction projects, such as interior build-outs, mechanical upgrades, and life safety improvements.


  • Repair and Renovations

  • Design-Build

  • ADA Upgrades

  • Playgrounds

  • Office Rehabilitation

  • Interior Build Outs

  • Mechanical Upgrades

  • Building Additions

  • LEED Improvements



The ezIQC /JOC Process


  • A project is identified by the Client

  • The Client goes to and enters the project(s)

  • A joint scope meeting is set with the Client and WDG Project Manager.  At this meeting project details will be discussed and agreed upon

  • WDG will assist the client to prepare a detailed scope of work

  • WDG will prepare a price proposal of the detailed scope of work based on the pre-established prices in the Construction Task Catalog® in addition to a project schedule and list of proposed subcontractors

    Price proposal = unit price X quantity X competitively bid factor

  • The ezIQC representative will review the price proposal to ensure WDG identified the correct tasks and quantities

  • Once the price is agreed upon, a purchase order is issued to WDG. If required/necessary, WDG will provide Payment and Performance Bonds and a certificate of insurance

  • Work can start in days instead of weeks or months, which is the time it normally takes to competitively bid and award a project

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