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At  Property Maintenance services LLC, our goal is to provide top quality installation, maintenance, and repair service for businesses. Our rental property maintenance department is fully experienced and familiar with all types of general maintenance work such as electrical, plumbing, painting, carpentry, and drywall work.

All maintenance projects are promptly attended to always dealing with any emergency work as a priority. We will fully assess the nature of the work and provide a written or verbal estimate. However, any essential work may be carried out while our crews are on site particularly if it is deemed that the landlord's property be at risk and so that the tenant is protected. This is another benefit of our own in-house property maintenance department, as we will always hold the interests of our landlord and tenant as precedence.

Property Maintenance

We can offer the following rental property maintenance services:


• Wall and ceiling repair
• Full-service cleaning
• Carpet cleaning or replacement
• Handyman service
• Grounds maintenance
• Vinyl and ceramic installation
• Snow removal
• Interior and exterior lighting

We will help you plan for the future and maintain the kind of landscaping that makes your site more attractive and appealing.


We not only guarantee excellent results for today, but also offer the long-term insight to better control your grounds maintenance costs in the future.

When you choose  Woods Development Group, LLC., you will benefit from the convenience and efficiency of our wide range of services. We offer the services necessary to keep your landscape in peak condition. For some customers, that means handling their landscape needs and coordinating our service around outside tree care needs. For others, it means assuming full responsibility for their landscape maintenance including mowing, flower planting and mulching.

Our grounds maintenance programs are carried out by experienced uniformed crews providing for greater security on the job as well as for enhancing the property's image.


Grounds Maintenance

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