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Woods Development Group (WDG)  Business Development Services helps you prioritize and focus on high-impact areas that offer the greatest return for your efforts. These fee-based comprehensive services include business feasibility studies, marketing plans, strategic plans, and investor grade business plans.

WDG Business Development Service provides a well-seasoned staff of business professionals that assist you in defining your business strategies more clearly.  The WDG Business Development team offers valuable insights and recommendations as they develop successful business strategies for your company. In addition to helping you define your strategies, the WDG team will work with you and your staff to produce a useful set of comprehensive planning documents for the implementation of these strategies.



Comprehensive Business Planning Services

WDG will perform a comprehensive review of the business plan that you have already written and provide a concise summary of suggestions to enhance your plan's format, elements, organization, and your proposed business model.

WDG Associates will partner with you and combine our research and development to professionally write a customized comprehensive business plan that clearly defines and articulates your proposed business development and the results you will achieve by following the documented intuitive.

WDG will research, develop, and write a stand-alone marketing plan that focuses on identifying the elements, objectives, activities and the plan of action that produces a competitive advantage. (No extra charge applies to marketing plan models that are part of a business plan.)

WDG will research, analyze, and generate a set of three to five years stand-alone pro-forma financial statements (P&L, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow, and Use of Funds Statements) that accurately reflect the current, as well as, the future financial position of the venture. 

Financial forecast modeling is an integral part of each WDG produced custom business and marketing plan. (No extra charge applies for financial forecast models that are part of a business plan or a marketing plan.)

Business Planning Services

Marketing Plans

Financial Analysis

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